The word with Persian roots... Symbol of the inner part of existence. The deep part of the soul.
It shows the deep emotions of human beings...

    Philosophie of Délane

    Délane Studio is passionate about the idea of ​​creating fashion that brings added value to the planet and its inhabitants. For this we constantly raise our level of requirements, and always before we are asked: our Parisian production, sustainable, recycled materials, the use of vegetable dyes, limited series collections, the good remuneration of our producers and suppliers... So many enormous constraints that we impose on ourselves, because they make sense for the planet.



    From our farms, to our manufacturing and our packaging. Délane Studio uses recycled and organic high-end and luxury fabrics to further reduce the ecological footprint of each of its pieces (On average, it's 85% water and CO2 saved.


    Our partners

    We respect people as much as we respect the planet. In addition to our production workshop located in the heart of Paris, Délane Studio has partnerships with small workshops that support us in our production and are paid at their fair value.